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[TUT] Have "customized" icons on any roms!

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[TUT] Have "customized" icons on any roms!

Post by Yianneseven on Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:13 am

This tutorial is originally posted by KYOU MIKU

I only translated this so that the foreign members of this
group would also benefit. Smile

Bear with the grammar guys.

Also, the original post has pictures. I don't know how to embed such, so, please refer to the original post. here's the link.

Many are asking me, How am I changing the Icons, so I’ll
show you how.

All you need is:

Your Phone (Obviously)

Launcher (I Prefer HOLO LAUNCHER as it is
commonly used here)

Icon or theme packs (Those that are for Go
Launcher, Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher)

(You can google it anyways)

Common Sense


1.       Download
theme packs. Usually, theme packs contains Icons and wallpapers. You can use it
many times. Let’s say that you like this Icons (download link: Aftedownloading, put it in
your phone.

2.       Install
the icon pack normally as you would on any APK Files. After installing, exit to
the Holo Launcher’s home screen.

3.       Press
the capacitive button with 4boxes (the button after the home button)

4.       Proceed to Appearance

5.       In the Appearance settings, you’ll
icon packs. Click it. When you click it, a box will appear, choose your icon
pack there.

6.       After choosing, go back to
your home screen and see the difference! J

Here it goes! I hope that I Helped you! J

UP NEXT: Changing the Icons Individually.

“Sir, what if an app’s icon is different from the others? What to

Here’s the solution

Long press the icon. A scree like this will popup.

A screen like this will popup, long press the icon.

Choose an icon pack then choose an icon. Click it.

Click OK

You’ve finally changed your Icons!

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

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