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Post by Admin on Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:49 am

This app is to those who just cant wait to unlock all levels, or get more gold/stars/coins or any collectable from almost any game ...
This app is tested by me, and it is CONFIRMED WORKING. Seems not to work on SOME games, and on ICS it is unstable, and only working in some cases.
Requirements: ROOT and a game that you wish to cheat.
Brain of course

A game is pretty simple to use. but i will do a step by step guide:
1. If you don't know what is root, or dont know how to root, you are on the wrong thread. Come back after exploring
2. Download the version that you wish to use, i use older one, the reason i did that is because i didn't need the latest features of GameCIH.(about features read changelogs on gamecih site)
3. Install it, and open, put it on your phone memory, and give it root access.
4. When you open it, assign a key (i use VOLUME DOWN), don't exit it just use home so you can continue(for exit use menu exit).
5. Open a game that you wish to cheat in. I personally tried it on Defenders game..
6. Start playing the level, and pause it after taking a note how much gold/crystals/stars or anything you have.
7. Press Volume down, Input number, and write amount of gold that you have. It will list a lot of numbers and stuff, 1 of them is our gold .
8. Press back, resume game, continue playing, kill some monsters, earn some gold, then pause again and input the new amount of gold that you have. Now it should list a single number beneath.If not repeat this step.
9. Press on that number, modify it to amout that you want, after pressing okay, you will have the gold you typed in...
10. Now you can go spend what you hardly earned with cheating the game.
That would be about it. For any further info, or any instruction pm me, or try to find solution at gamecih forum. Good luck cheaters

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