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Picture Password Lockscreen

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Picture Password Lockscreen

Post by RainieZer on Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:02 pm

Current Version:


Requires Android: 2.2 and up
Category: Tools
v2.6.7 update:
- Fix Auto-Suspend
- Misc. Improvements and Bug Fixes

Picture Password Lockscreen allows you to unlock your phone by drawing gestures such as points, lines, and circles on your chosen images. It frees users from the traditional and less secure unlock methods because there are close to an infinite number of combination of gestures. It provides an effective layer of protection against the two most common methods of *phcorner* access gaining to a device- brute-force password *phcorner* and shoulder-surfing.
Forget PIN codes or patterns, you can now draw points, lines, and/or circles to unlock your phone.
To setup, select the background image and draw the gestures. To unlock, draw the saved gestures on the lockscreen.
If you like this app, please consider supporting my work by purchasing the Plus Key. Thank You
The Plus Key unlocks the following features:
- Screen Lock Delay
- Tasker Plugin
- Time Display
- Theme Color
- Greater Allowed Number And Combination Of Gestures
- Widget Locker Support
- Music Controls
- System Wallpaper Cropper
- Multiple Gesture Sets: Cycle between multiple sets of images and gestures every unlock
- Missed Calls and Unread SMS Counts
If you want the app in your own language, please help translate it at
For beta version with new features, fixes, and improvements, *phcorner* APK here:
BETA Changes:


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